Try Vocalyx at your own pace: download the free test

Supported platforms:

  • Windows. Requirements: SE Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10 and a 32-bit processor (we do not support 64-bit processors).
  • Android for smartphone or tablet.

Feel free to download Vocalyx for a 1-month test if you are an individual, and up to 6-months for healthcare professionnals (3-months reconducted).

The Apple system devices (Ipad, Iphone) will soon be compatible with Vocalyx.

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How do I get my installed device?

If you don’t already own a device to run Vocalyx, you can get a computer or a tablet directly, and download your Vocalyx. Alternatively, it is possible to request pre-installed devices related to your specific needs. Price ranges will depend on the chosen materials. Upon paiement, we will send you the ordered pre-installed packages.

How to choose the most adapted version for my own use?

Choosing your Vocalyx will depend on your needs. The software version is for a computer use when the application version is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets (soon available for Iphones & Ipads).
Once the test period is over, choose to get your Vocalyx by purchasing the latest licence version, or subscribe to a monthly plan.
Licences can be partially or totally included in public or private insurances.


Purchasing a licence enables you to use it unlimitedly on your device. In case of a subscription, major features upgrades are included and enable you to use them as they are progressively integrated.

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Read the FAQ or contact us at or at +33(0)6 98 23 23 45