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Vocalyx is a software and an application for individuals with speech language disorders –such as aphasia – and their related disabilities. It enables them to communicate more easily with their closed ones. Through a screen, a keyboard, pictograms or photos, you can activate high quality synthetic voices (i.e. Acapela), or another person’s recordings.

bouton testez
bouton testez


Vocalyx is a communication mate for people with speech language disorders, and can be adapted to various motor and cognitive profiles. A wide range of features can be used depending on each individual’s needs: free typing, personalized pictograms or photos, joystick addition, decks backups, boards sharing or export, e-mails sending, etc…

With more than 400 pre-parametered expressions, communication boards, theme libraries, and over 2000 included visuals, the only remaining point is to include the personal expressions and visuals or pictures matching the user’s environments. You can set the solution and create your boards unlimitedly.

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Vocalyx can be run on most computers (even 10-years-old ones) as well as on more rcent Android or Windows 8 devices such as smartphones, tablets. The Apple system devices (Ipad, Iphone) will soon be compatible with Vocalyx.



Vocalyx Level 0 – Free Vocalyx – Free Trial Level 3 Vocalyx
Level 1
Vocalyx Level 2 Vocalyx Level 3 Vocalyx Level 2 Vocalyx Level 3
Licence permanent 1 month / 3 to 6 months pro permanent 2015 permanent 2015 permanent 2015 Monthly Plan Monthly Plan
Price 0 € 0 € 49 € 285 € 686 € 8€ / m = 96 €/ year 15€ / m = 180 €/ year
Validity permanent 1 month (individual user) / 3 to 6 months (professional) permanent permanent permanent 12 months subscription 12 months subscription
Simple updates included included included included included included
Major updates – new features Additional option Additional option Additional option permanent permanent
Displayed keys 20 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Linear display
Sending images as text messages
Decks backups
Boards Export
Boards Import limited to « serie 1 » boards limited to « serie 1 » boards limited to « serie 1 & 2 » boards Unlimited limited to 20 Unlimited
pictos and photos download
Hotline, installation or use support punctually 30 min hotline 1.30h hotline or group training (Paris) punctually 30 min hotline or group training (Paris)